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The polyurethane industry of thermal insulation materials will gradually change to standardization. In the macro aspect, with the national promotion and the implementation of relevant industrial policies on polyurethane materials as a substitute for traditional building thermal insulation materials, the Ministry of construction and other ministries and commissions are formulating a three-year plan for building energy conservation. The state stipulates that from July 1 this year, Beijing, Tianjin, Dalian, Qingdao, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other six cities will be enforced, and all new buildings must meet the energy-saving standard of 65% in one step. At the same time, the Ministry of construction is now requiring real estate developers to provide a five-year warranty for exterior wall insulation, which will force developers to use qualified insulation materials. These national policies will usher in the development period of polyurethane insulation material industry

at the micro level, the whole building insulation industry has been unable to smoothly realize the docking with national industrial policies and standards. On the one hand, there is a lack of high-quality production enterprises, high-quality products and brands. On the other hand, the domestic exterior wall insulation industry is scattered, disordered and small, and the construction team has insufficient grasp of polyurethane insulation construction technology, so the market needs to be standardized and cultivated

on the one hand, a one-time production line developed jointly with famous German equipment manufacturers. 4. Display range: 0 ~ 99999.9n high-pressure foaming production line is put into production. On the other hand, relying on the professional R & D force of the Shanghai Institute of organic Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a strong R & D team has been successfully established. On the basis of absorbing the mature technology of the polyurethane industry at home and abroad, after a large number of experiments and projects, especially the increasing demand for microfiber PU leather, a series of energy-saving and thermal insulation products with independent intellectual property rights and their raw materials, equipment, manufacturing, marketing The whole set of application system including service system, namely "Seneca 5m system"

core patents are fundamental. At present, the performance of polyurethane plate produced by polyol from vegetable oil exceeds the targeted polyurethane energy-saving standard of policy resources. Its thickness is one-third of that of polystyrene plate and its price is two-thirds of that of petroleum based polyurethane rigid foam plate. This project has obtained the promotion certification of the Ministry of construction. "Green, energy saving, science and technology, environmental protection" is our eternal goal

with the development of the exterior wall insulation market, the polyurethane insulation industry will gradually become standardized, and the technology, products, brands, channels and competitive environment are upgrading and changing. For example, our energy-saving decorative insulation board of zhongkehechen Shanghai Seneca is developing in the direction of advanced technology, mature application, product diversification and waterproof and external protection integration. We will continue to develop different combinations of thermal insulation coatings and materials, and continue to pay attention to product research and development and market application. Polyurethane insulation materials will have great potential in China's construction field

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