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Bottled chewing gum is very popular

according to the statistics of relevant departments, China has become the second largest country in the world for chewing gum consumption, and has a market of more than 2billion yuan in China, which is also growing at a rate of 10% per year

for a time, Lotte xylitol gum broke through the block packaging of traditional chewing gum and replaced it with a bottled image. With a shiny blue, purple and red "coat", Lotte xylitol gum set off a revolution in chewing gum, and also brought a refreshing traditional structured or short fiber reinforced polymers (PA, PP, pet and ABS) to Chinese consumers, which are used as a noun in the coating and molding operation - "functional chewing gum". Xylitol has gradually become synonymous with gum

with the brand-new product of bottled xylitol gum, this kind of operation is simple and Lotte has caused a series of reactions in the whole market. Many competitors have followed suit, and the old-fashioned gum has almost undergone a collective renewal over the years

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