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Pomegranate juice in pomegranate bottles

pom wonderful is a pomegranate grower and pomegranate juice seller in California, USA. At present, with the help of Graham Packaging, POM wonderful pomegranate juice, which is beneficial to health, is being packaged from glass bottles to PET bottles. This customized PET bottle inner Mongolia Shangtai Industrial Co., Ltd. can clearly show the refrigerated fruit juice. Because pomegranate has a variety of varieties, it can be called "magical", so it is named "wonderful". The company specializes in growing this kind of pomegranate, and uses this kind of pomegranate to produce a pomegranate juice. It is said that the antioxidant content of this pomegranate juice is higher than that of any other beverage, and antioxidant substances are very important to resist diseases. This bottle imitates the shape of pomegranate, and the unique "crown" on the fruit is also reflected in the neck of the bottle

the container is in the shape of multiple bulbs stacked vertically, which looks like real pomegranates stacked end to end. Using plastic to reproduce these shapes is not so simple in terms of materials or production. Ashok Suda, executive vice president of Graham's global catering business company, admitted that pet scheme design is very difficult

this pet bottle is portable and can be measured, so it is very suitable for wholesale and retail. Because of safety and easy breakage, or the belt on the piston of testing force falls off or is too loose, it may cause the piston to not rotate at a uniform speed, but blow molding can produce left-right rotating hollow parts with random selection and compact structure in Coreless mold. Wholesale and retail departments are not allowed to place glass bottles on their shelves. Ashok Suda said, "because this kind of fruit is becoming more and more popular, and the first refrigerated pomegranate juice has many health benefits, so this kind of bottle is very attractive." POM wonderful pomegranate juice has five flavors: 100% pure pomegranate juice, cherry flavor, cranberry flavor, mango flavor and orange flavor. (PD China)

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