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Mobile technology: create an efficient business plan

mobile technology promises to achieve seamless communication and improve responsiveness. Its attraction is as powerful as a magnet. However, experts believe that obtaining the input-output ratio (ROI) from mobile devices - here referred to as personal digital assistants (PDAs), mobile, data cards, or handheld computers - requires strategic acquisition plans, deployment plans, and support plans

pay attention to the details of success

Rebecca wettemann, vice president of nucleus research Inc. in Wellesley, Massachusetts, believes that the key to making a convincing business plan for mobile technology is to determine its benefits and build a deployment method to ensure maximum benefits. This is not to make a long list of 20 or 30 benefits, but to focus on the two or three most important benefits you want to get. "This includes improving productivity, reducing management and communication costs, and enhancing efficiency," wettemann said

wettemann added that the evaluation of the project should be based on the criteria of "coverage" (how many employees or customers the application will benefit) and "repeatability" (the frequency of use of the application), with the goal of maximizing revenue rather than minimizing costs

take the Boston visiting nurses association of Boston (VNA special pipes, magnetic materials, optical germanium components, nuclear grade zirconium and other small metals, new materials are expected to benefit)) and their application of flip-flop tablets as an example. The association is an institution that provides home health care and late-stage patient services. In a work aimed at simplifying data collection, VNA's vice president of operations, Kate O'Neil, and Chief Information Officer (CIO), Fran lorion, conceived a business plan aimed at improving the quality of medical records. After the implementation of this plan, the members of the mobile nurse team were equipped with Fujitsu's Lifebook Tablet PC flip screen laptop, so that they could establish forms and update medical records without returning to the office repeatedly

Lorion said that not only the quality of nursing has been improved, but also the secretarial staff engaged in data entry can rearrange their work, because clinicians can input information by themselves. Lorion said, "settlement information is also more accurate and fast, and mutual communication has been enhanced."

determine the Rio of mobile technology

it is easy to estimate the input-output ratio (Rio) of a mobile technology. Philippe Winthrop, director of the wireless and Mobile Communications Research Office of Aberdeen Group Inc., asked, "how do you give value to the ability to use intelligent reply email? Or how do you give value to the ability to use portable computers to work with colleagues far away from the meeting room in the park? The answer is that most of the value is implicit."

winthrop suggests to consider the "opportunity cost" or what will happen without using mobile technology, so as to determine the Rio of mobile technology. "It's like using a security system - you can't see its value until it fails."

for example, ask yourself how much it costs to dispatch an employee from one place to another in a wired network. Compared with the wireless network, you only need to bring a portable computer or other mobile devices with you and related patented technologies before you start. "This is the benefit of wireless solutions."

another way to evaluate Rio is based on employees' work efficiency. Winthrop said, "if an employee improves efficiency by 10% to 15% in a day's work, then their wages will be increased by the same proportion in return."

the ROI Institute in Birmingham, Alabama, is a training and research company. According to the Institute, the Rio of any technology actually deployed should be between 15% and 25%. However, each unit is different in the Rio level that constitutes the value investment, either IP based mobile voice communication or Wi Fi hot spot services. According to Winthrop, "figure out your rate of return. In some cases, a 5% improvement translates into millions of dollars in savings."

Wettemann believes that in the rapidly changing mobile technology market, it decision makers also need to pay attention to the payback period. He said, "how long will it take you to recover your funds from the project? Note: the above is the classification and safety device of the electronic tensile testing machine shared by the editor. It is intended that the payback period of investment should not exceed one year. New technologies and equipment emerge in endlessly, and you plan to enjoy its benefits without securing the funds, so this is particularly important."

Michael king, director of the mobile and Wireless Research Office of Gartner Inc., based in Stamford, Conn., believes that the era of mobile technology is coming fast. In order to take the lead, "you need to design your application efficiently. By then, if you put your heart and soul into it, I think you will succeed." (end)

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