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Mobile purchases some inferior equipment, Qianliyan guards the safety of Hongze Lake GaoLiangJian ship lock area

Hongze Lake, as the fourth largest freshwater lake in China, connects the Huaihe River, the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal and the Yangtze River. It is an important water transport hub. The river channels in the territory are complex. With the continuous increase of the tonnage of ships and the number of ships, the pressure of the waterway and ship lock transportation management departments is increasing, and it is urgent to improve the management efficiency through information means, There is a strong demand for informatization

Huai'an branch of Jiangsu Mobile (hereinafter referred to as Huai'an mobile) has created an information-based scheme for Jiangsu GaoLiangJian ship lock management office in the mode of Internet + to ensure the safety of the lock area in a three-dimensional manner and realize all-round remote real-time monitoring of the lake area, main channels and main tributaries. GaoLiangJian ship lock is located in the lower reaches of the Huaihe River, connecting Hongze Lake on the upper side and North Jiangsu irrigation canal on the lower side. It is the throat connecting the Huaihe River and the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal. Ships passing through Jiangsu, Anhui, Henan and other provinces all year round are responsible for the transportation of coal, building materials, grain, oil and other important materials

this project mainly monitors the process of ships passing through the lock inside and outside the office area of the management office by installing high-definition cameras. At the same time, with the help of mobile advanced 4G network static load unit, the load range is 5 ⑴ 00 n. through work, the staff can realize the real-time monitoring of ships passing the lock, improve the efficiency of passing the lock and ensure safety. Project support 3 The control system Jiangsu Mobile Qianliyan monitoring system meets the actual needs of the unit that the office is far away from the urban area and has higher safety monitoring requirements. Qianliyan platform has a wide range of monitoring, rapid deployment, whether the friction force of camera pixels is too high, and the monitored content is stored in the cloud. Mobile supervision can be carried out anytime and anywhere by logging in to the platform through, computer, pad terminal

in recent years, Huai'an Mobile has combined the large area of Hongze water area to create an information-based solution from the lake area, channel and river. It has successfully cooperated with the local government in a series of information-based projects, such as the urban flood control and waterlogging prevention monitoring system of the Water Conservancy Bureau, the China Hongze Lake maritime comprehensive safety supervision system, the maritime mobile law enforcement system, the channel station channel monitoring system, the hongjindong pump station monitoring system, and has realized the Hongze Lake area The seamless coverage of informatization supervision of main channels, main tributaries and ship locks has aroused widespread concern in the society. In the next step, Huai'an mobile will give full play to the advantages of 4G technology and assist government departments to implement Internet + in more services for people's livelihood

(Zhang Wei, Xu Dan)

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