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China Unicom reading plans to charge in mid August

according to the news on August 6, according to relevant sources, China Unicom reading business has been introduced to the national market since June 3, 2010, and plans to start charging on August 15. It is understood that China Unicom's reading business adopts three billing methods: single book billing, chapter billing and monthly billing. At the same time, users can choose to pay for calls or "intermediate account"

billing in mid August

recently, flying elephant learned from relevant people that China Unicom plans to launch three billing methods: single book billing, chapter billing and monthly billing on August 15 after its reading business was introduced to the national market on June 3, 2010

at this time, you can switch to the manual measurement mode. It is understood that as a national pilot business, Guangdong Unicom is responsible for the construction and operation of the "reading" business platform under the unified planning of the group company, and provides services to users across the country. Relying on the advantages of wcdma3g network and star terminal, China Unicom's reading positioning will be the fine experience mode of multimedia reading. After full preparation, at present, China Unicom has signed 50 content partners, with more than 50000 signed content, which was introduced to the national market on June 3, 2010

three billing methods

according to the news, China Unicom adopts three billing methods for its reading business: single book billing, chapter billing and monthly billing

taking the monthly package as an example, the relevant person said that, unlike the monthly billing method of mobile and Telecom, Unicom uses a monthly package that allows users to choose, and users choose books to put into the monthly package, which is similar to the concept of "shopping cart", so that the user experience and perception are better

in terms of reading payment that users are concerned about, China Mobile has introduced two payment methods: pay per view and monthly payment. If users are interested in a book, they can buy it on demand. According to different contents, the price of books is different, usually between 1 yuan and 10 yuan; If users only want to read some chapters of a book, they can pay by chapter, with an average chapter of 0.04 yuan -0.12 yuan; In addition, users can also choose to pay monthly. At present, this can also improve the application life and accuracy of equipment. China mobile reading business has two monthly subscription modes of 3 yuan and 5 yuan, of which 5 yuan can read about 50 books

insiders believe that China Unicom's monthly subscription method is convenient for users to choose freely according to their preferences, which is more in line with users' needs, and at the same time, the content sharing of content partners is more fair and reasonable. On the other hand, the way users freely choose will also be relatively fair to all partners

intermediate account mode

in addition, it is understood that China United is very pleased with our answer. There is another mode different from other operators, that is, users can use "intermediate account" to pay. In other words, any user can use their reading products, and at the same time, they can choose to pay for calls or "intermediate account"

previously, according to the information disclosed by China Unicom, its app store "Wo mall" will also adopt the payment mode of "intermediate account". Users can automatically register "intermediate account" while registering the app store, and can choose to bind call payment or third-party payment tools such as Alipay and TenPay

however, it is understood that this function is still under development, and the test platform has passed, but it has not been deployed to the formal platform

according to the analysis of insiders, the "intermediate account", which is different from the operation mechanism of toll collection, can give a glimpse of the whole leopard, showing that China Unicom has laid out the plan in advance to focus on the payment platform supporting mobile Internet in six major areas: special metal functional materials, high-end metal structural materials, advanced high-molecular materials, new inorganic non-metallic materials, high-performance composite materials and cutting-edge new materials. However, this person believes that at this stage, the development of the "intermediate account" business, although it will more or less cut off part of the revenue of the toll collection, in the long run, it is a good thing

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