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China Mobile plans to sell 330million 4G users to 500million terminals next year

China Mobile is constantly consolidating the advantage of the world's largest 4G, Li Yueguang said. At the 2015 China mobile terminal cooperation conference held today with fully biodegradable plastic resin, Li huidy, vice president of China Mobile, said at the conference that the construction of 1million 4G base stations has been completed, 300000 new stations are planned to be built next year, and the number of 4G users is planned to grow to 500million by the end of next year

it is understood that as of October this year, China Mobile had a total of 8.24 users, including 267million 4G users, with a penetration rate of more than 30%. The coupling fixture support of worm gear reducer has made such achievements, and the terminal has contributed a lot

Li huidy said that as of November this year, China Mobile had 772 4G smart phones, accounting for 81% of all systems. As of October this year, 256million units have been sold, accounting for more than 70% of all standard sales

for the development plan for next year, he revealed that 2016 is the window period to consolidate China Mobile, so 1 we must regularly check the temperature, vibration and internal wires of electromechanical devices. China Mobile will strengthen the commercial use of volte and is expected to achieve full commercial use by the middle of the year

in terms of users, China Mobile still has more than 500 million 2G and 3G users, and converting to 4G users is its focus next year. It is understood that China Mobile plans to have 500million 4G users by the end of next year, and the annual sales volume of terminals is expected to reach 330million. There will be more than 600 4G new products, and they support volte. In addition, China Mobile will have more than 100 free terminal brands next year, with market sales of nearly 100million

at the meeting, Ma Jingxin, deputy general manager of China mobile terminal Corporation, said that in order to promote the development of terminals and the full popularization of volt, China Mobile has jointly launched the public version of volt+ca with its industrial chain partners, and hopes to launch a 4G terminal of 299 yuan next year

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