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Glass fiber and composite materials show diversified combinations

based on the characteristics of composite materials (materials, but also structures. The comprehensiveness of raw materials, processes and products) and the fact that glass fiber is still the main reinforcement of the substrate according to the time of the stopwatch, there should be a sense of urgency of close cooperation. The common ground of the cooperation is to expand the application of composite materials. The composite industry of glass fiber should be a strategic partnership of the industrial chain. With a full understanding of chemical treatment, the forms of cooperation will be diverse and constantly develop. For example:

1. There should also be some strategic partners among enterprises. Partners put forward requirements and meet each other. It can also penetrate and extend each other. This is conducive to the development of special products, product quality and market stability

2. Focus on the improvement and development of some new products and new processes with high quality and large application, and jointly organize some key problems. For example:

① the large-scale production of various FRP plates, including thin plate, thick plate, sandwich plate, integral plate, veneer, etc. adopting these three parts of energy-saving technology is of great concern to the construction industry of all countries. Different processes and different reinforced substrates are required

② the breakthrough of pre impregnated and pre formed reinforced base materials must rely on the adaptation of composite products to the large-scale molding process

③ for the development of SMC products in the direction of lightweight, high reinforcement and refinement, it is also necessary to change the molding process and develop new reinforced base materials

④ the improvement and promotion of RTM process should also have corresponding reinforced base materials for different composite products, so as to achieve better reinforcement effect and production efficiency

"this is the first time that carbon fiber is widely used in mass production of vehicle models. 3. Establish some industrial alliances around some comprehensive application fields and jointly come up with solutions. For example, for FRTP products: different products adopt different molding processes such as injection, extrusion, compression and RTM, and the structural forms of reinforced base materials with different contents are required. The larger and more complex products require higher requirements.

for corrosion prevention (including marine) Products: different types of glass fibers and different forms of glass fiber products should be used for products with different corrosive media and different functions

4. For fields with large amount of composite materials, such as transportation (vehicles and ships); Energy (wind, light, biogas); architectural engineering; Electrical appliances and electronics, etc., should also cooperate to extend the industrial alliance to the end use, adapt to their development requirements, and make composite materials more quickly and better applied in these fields

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