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Glass fiber body inlaid with silver metal frame Nokia 6210 precise positioning

Nokia 6210 is Nokia's first GPS navigation terminal with a built-in compass for pedestrian navigation with flexible and diverse control methods for auto parts experimental machine. The built-in compass can lock the direction displayed in the map and the actual southeast, northwest and northwest, and users can easily identify the direction of travel when walking navigation. The current quotation of the merchant is 1489 yuan

Nokia 6210

1 some detailed technical parameters are still introduced in more detail by Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. Nokia 6210 adopts a sliding cover design, the appearance of the whole machine adopts black tone, the front of the body is made of glass fiber, surrounded by silver metal frames, and the back of the body is made of frosted metal, The combination of "slippery" and "rough" makes this Nokia 6210 fashionable and stable. A 3.2 megapixel camera is embedded in a raised decoration. Unlike in the past, the camera is directly embedded in the back of the fuselage when the "mechanical zero" button is pressed, rather than hidden in the upper slide. There is a flash lamp near the camera, which is convenient for clear imaging in the dark

navigation function is the biggest selling point of 6210. Its navigation function is very powerful. It supports AGPs navigation, with fast positioning speed and high accuracy. It can realize card free boot, which greatly increases the practicability of navigation. In terms of maps, the 6210s uses Nokia map 2.0, and has built-in segmented display and voice route guidance. The new compass system is a practical consulting service for walkers. Zhou yitongneng, a global polyurethane market analyst, enables walkers to achieve accurate positioning when walking. In terms of system, the machine adopts Symbian 9.2, series 60 version 3 system, with 120MB memory and 369mhz CPU amr11. The mainstream configuration makes the 6210s perform well in terms of overall running speed and practicality

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