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Smart low-carbon Office analysis Fuji Xerox new LED compound machine

as the final work of Fuji Xerox in 2011 to promote the popularization and application of low-carbon color office, the launch of ApeosPort IV series products can be described as truly opening a new era of intelligent low-carbon and efficient color office. According to Ma Ruiwen, this series of products, with Fuji Xerox's innovative green technology, has not only become the product with the best color output quality among similar products, but also an excellent model of energy conservation, environmental protection and excellent performance

next, let's take apeosport-iv c5575, which has excellent functions of printing, scanning, copying and faxing, as an example to understand how Fuji Xerox has pushed color office into the intelligent low-carbon era

apeosport-iv c5575 adopts Fuji Xerox's original smart phone technology, which means that when the machine is started according to work tasks, such as scanning, it only supplies power to the scanner module, while other functional modules are still dormant and will not generate energy consumption. The breakthrough and application of this technology can not only reduce energy consumption by about 30%, but also significantly reduce mechanical noise and other sounds caused by equipment activation. A media authoritative test data shows that the noise generated by Fuji Xerox's series of products at work has basically been integrated into the office background environment, and will not bring noise interference. Compared with other brands of composite machine products, the noise reducing wood-based panel experimental machine is also the main model of Jinan test. At the same time, it also reduces a lot of energy consumption, saves electric energy on the road of transformation, and creates a quieter office environment for enterprises. In addition, smart phone technology also makes the startup time of the device from sleep mode to working mode only 2 seconds, and users can start using the control panel almost without waiting, which greatly improves the convenience of operation and work efficiency

this compound machine applies the sled print head of Fuji Xerox patented technology, which greatly reduces the volume of the equipment and increases the paper output space, while reducing the energy consumption of users by about 45%, and makes the physical resolution up to 1200 2400dpi. Equipped with LED color scanning head, the energy consumption is only one third of that of traditional models, that is, nearly 70% of the energy consumption is saved. In addition, the adoption of conductive heating and fixing technology ensures the minimization of preheating time and reduces the power consumption of starting the fuser and standby

paperless fax is another practical function designed by apeosport-iv c5575 for users to save energy and cost. When the fax enters, the LED light will flash. Users can directly store files and view details. In addition, through the junk fax shielding function, apeosport-iv c5575 can also avoid outputting faxes that users do not want to receive

looking at the average thin layer accumulated by ApeosPort, the energy-saving technology of IV c5575 seems to be unique in the world, but in fact, Fuji Xerox's strong environmental protection and energy-saving advantages are not only reflected in the product itself, but also in environmental protection consumables. The new EA environment-friendly toner application makes the melting temperature more than 20 ℃ lower than the traditional toner, and the power consumption is reduced by about 15%

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