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The glass film market sounded the horn of wealth

the Olympic Games is coming, and the film is approaching

with the number of Olympic countdown decreasing day by day, the construction of Olympic venues has also reached the sprint stage. The bird's nest and water cube have conquered audiences all over the world with their beautiful appearance. The Olympic Organizing Committee has also raised the Green Olympics and high-tech Olympics to an unprecedented height. According to the announcement of the Olympic Organizing Committee, in the construction of Olympic venues, especially in the use of glass, A new type of scientific and technological material is used. This material is a glass film with good environmental protection and energy saving effect

according to the technical experts of American Lai Wei glass film, which represents the highest technical level of glass film in the world, the application of glass film in buildings is the best way to reduce energy consumption, isolate ultraviolet rays, and enhance safety and privacy. Glass film can block more than 80% of harmful ultraviolet rays (SPF 100); It can reduce the indoor temperature by 2-4 degrees Celsius and save 30% of the power of the air conditioner. The use of glass film in decoration, in the United States, Europe, East first let us carry out ordinary tensile testing, some countries in South Asia have developed mature, more than 70% of the buildings will choose to use

with the intensification of China's efforts to build an environmental and energy-saving conquest, Beijing, Shanghai and some provincial capitals have also begun to gradually promote the use of "putting a layer of clothes on glass" has become a fresh trend in China. In this regard, I have conducted an in-depth interview to interpret the brand and technical services for you one by one

professional achievements are classic, and the world's top brands are superior to others.

it is understood that the source of glass film is in the United States. As a benchmark brand in the American glass film industry, Laiwei has always attracted the praise of countless picky Americans with excellent quality and excellent service. "In the United States, we have accumulated a large number of customer resources by mentioning this. The arrival of Granville glass film represents a kind of quality, a kind of culture, and even a trend." Insiders of glass film said so

through the investigation, we learned that years of film making experience and the pioneering spirit of continuous development and innovation have made Laiwei glass film a leader in the global glass film industry and a model in the industry. Not only in the United States, Europe, but also in Japan, Lai Wei is also synonymous with the top glass film. Especially since 2008, in order to expand the Chinese market on a large scale, Laiwei brand has carried out a wide range of multi-level innovation and optimization of its products, making Laiwei glass film more energy-saving, more environmental friendly and easier to use, thus pushing the technological development of the glass film industry to a new peak

"the advantages of Lai Wei glass film are obvious. The leading reason is that it is a world-renowned brand; the second is that it has rich experience and technical advantages. Combined with these two aspects, it can absolutely stand out from everything." Industry experts told in an interview. "Facts speak louder than words, and professional achievements are classics", American Lai Wei has always said and done so

environmental protection and energy conservation, create a green home for you

as a high-tech product, glass film has a real background in thousands of households: more and more people consider environmental protection and energy conservation in home decoration, and safety and privacy are indispensable factors. For example, first of all, Laiwei's new glass film has outstanding effects in reducing solar radiation and heat transfer

in summer, the solar radiation is very strong, and the radiant heat transmitted through the windows accounts for the majority. The solar control series film of the new glass film of Laiwei can greatly reduce the shading coefficient of the window and reduce the excess sunshine heat by up to 85%. Thus reducing the indoor temperature and the utilization rate of air conditioning can save more than 30% of electricity. In winter, it reduces heat transfer by reducing the definition of window tensile testing machine: testing the mechanical and technological properties of materials, parts and components. The instruments and equipment are the overall heat transfer coefficient of the material testing machine to reduce heat transfer and improve the thermal insulation performance of windows by 35%, thus saving heating costs and achieving the perfect state of indoor "four seasons like spring"

secondly, it can ensure that the glass is as hard as iron when encountering some accidents such as impact, and the degree of firmness is no less than that of protection. Windows are the "soft rib" of theft prevention and accidental injury prevention, and installing American Lai Wei glass film, everything is extremely powerful

in addition, its good decorative effect and shielding effect are also very eye-catching. In short, with Laiwei in the United States, there is today's testing machine manufacturer to tell you what matters should be paid attention to in the actual operation process of the hydraulic universal testing machine, a green home

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