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Analysis of the international flexographic printing market

Parkside follows the 10 color trend

UK Normanton printing company parksideflexible has added a primaflexcm10 to the 8-color printing machine. This investment is in response to the rapidly growing demand for high-quality 10 color flexible printing machines. We can see that primaflexcm10 shows its optimal value in achieving this goal. Parkside executive director mikeoneill said

in fact, w h launched a new printing machine for 10 color CI flexible printing in March last year to respond to the prevailing trend in the international market. W h reported that based on 8-color primafexcm and CS, more than 50 systems have been installed worldwide, and the new printing machine can repeat printing up to 800mm, 1000mm and 1270mm wide

cm10 includes the company's newly developed touch screen platform procontrols, which is said to support the most convenient and reliable production data input and machine control instructions. The optional supporting system includes an enhanced packaging and turboclean cleaning system at a speed of 400m/min, as well as a sleeve extractor and port-a-use this material to efficiently produce parts through the injection molding process sleeve cart system, which is used to stop sleeve processing in the swap position. Fast printing setup and waste reduction can be achieved through another optional feature of the printing machine, the simple setup system

york pushes the printing market to its peak

British pre printing company yrggroup is the first company in Europe to install eskocdispark4260. Using optical wave optics80 technology, yorksite's equipment has been upgraded and replaced cditwinbeam operation since 1996. YRG installed three Esko units at production sites in York and Manchester, including packaging software packages and color management software for packaging and trademark integration

Davecowley, group director, said: YRG is a professional flexo and sleeve production center, a multi process copying and trademark center in the printing industry, and has a wide range of end users and trademark owners. The recent cdispark4260 investment project is a strategic deployment for us to promote flexo printing technology and continuously invest in the most advanced equipment in the market. Cdispark4260 is a larger and faster terminal machine, which provides us with the maximum speed and production capacity and improves our cycle time. Cdispark4260 is part of a larger investment plan, including a plate processor for thermal photosensitive polymer processing. Bobhollingsworth, technical director of YRG, said that we are very satisfied with the current results. The laser technology in the new cdispark4260 has been significantly improved, and it has a new performance to support laser head jumping, just as it does not pass through the image area during the imaging process. Our equipment can select the required work at any time and handle multiple tasks, allocate corresponding tickets and put them on the market

this can hardly be simpler. He continued that another feature of Esko software, which is extremely useful for China's electrolytic aluminum production to increase by 10.6% year-on-year to about 31.11 million tons in 2015, is automatic communication selection. When the document is sent to CDI, the attached email in PDF format is also sent to the customer. What customers really appreciate is that they can see the working state in the specific process and workflow. We also use Esko kaleidoscope color management tool. Color management is a challenge for today's printing press. In the past, we produced plates for every customer. Today, we work more closely with our partners and implement meaningful fingerprints on their printers, allowing us to provide high-precision, color accurate proofs and simple matching on a single printer

founded in 1974, YRG has been significantly developed, especially in the past five years, with millions of pounds of technology and human investment, including the sleeve Factory built in 2003. The company has a number of production plants, including flexible printing, lithography, relief printing, silk screen printing and gravure printing plants. Its digital printing began in 1989. 75% of the production is targeted at the label market in the food industry

name the enterprise with a successful printing machine

lablepack in the UK has changed its company name to mpssystems (UK), reflecting its very successful business relationship with multiprintsystem, a Dutch machine manufacturer. The company reported the successful installation of six flexo printing machines driven by full servo systems in the UK in 2005 and 2006

the latest installation is in the Clondalkin group company of burychadwicks. This printing machine will first produce yoghurt covers, but it can also produce a variety of packaging materials, such as shrink sleeves, sachets and heat seals. Mpssystmes said that its complete combination with eight printing units has a printing width of 410mm and a running speed of 200m/min

this investment is of great significance in the history of the company, and it is the culmination of the development of a complete testing program for narrow width printers. MPs machine is selected to operate the largest range of materials and continuously produce excellent printing quality with the maximum possible production speed and minimum waste

installation is carried out in the first week of May, and assembly line work is carried out in the second week of this month

tecnoflex is recognized

tecnolink is the new branch of tecnoflex in miltonkeynes, UK. It is the first company in Europe to install cortronexact5280 high-precision flexographic exposure system. Used with Hp502 cleaning machine, it claims to be able to produce higher quality plates than other machines, "Marbach said. It has single source plasma light exposure, which is said to improve the accuracy of points and ensure that the depth of the substrate passing through the plate is consistent with the production of higher quality plates

exact5280 is a larger version of Corton's early precision 3040 model. It can expose any material below 132x203cm, and is said to provide a cheaper choice for CTP for wide industries and trading companies

cortron said: to ensure rapid exposure, the 5280 uses two plasma sources. The patented centralized reflector technology produces shoulders similar to CTP devices. The calibration light is evenly distributed on the whole plate surface without any decay. The reflector controls the angle of the light to be 0 ~ 26 degrees, and eliminates the deviated light to produce a uniform shoulder across the entire surface

markcanavan, President of tecnoflex, said enthusiastically: we are very glad that the printing factory has noticed the difference in quality of our investment in the latest technology

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