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The charm of the new material of frying poached eggs in a glass frying pan in half a minute is unstoppable

a piece of 6mm glass can be strong at high temperature for 180 minutes without melting. Even the explosion of explosives at close range cannot break this millimeter distance. This kind of glass can also generate electricity continuously

glass is undoubtedly something everyone has seen and touched. However, this seemingly simple glass has thousands of intellectual property patented technologies. At the 9th "handshake between experts and small and medium-sized entrepreneurs" event held yesterday, which was driven by the principle of electromagnetic resonance, Dangshan Town, Xiaoshan District, the "hometown of mirror making in China", reached an agreement with Wuhan University of technology to jointly build Xiaoshan New Building Materials Research Institute of Wuhan University of technology and develop various multifunctional glass products. Before long, all kinds of new glasses will be developed and manufactured in Hangzhou, and these new glasses will change our way of life

self cleaning glass doesn't need you to clean.

there are more and more glass buildings in the city. In order to clean them, "Spider Man" always hangs in midair, which makes people sweat. Now, there is a kind of glass that can be kept clean and bright after exposure to the sun and rain without manual scrubbing. This kind of glass with self-cleaning function has been off the production line in Dangshan, and a self-cleaning glass production line with an annual output of 200000 square meters has entered mass production

Song yaxun, a senior engineer at Wuhan University of technology, said that the principle of this hydrophilic glass is to spray the coating solution on the glass. After thermal curing, the glass is coated with a layer of nano materials. This layer of nano material contains carbon dioxide, which can degrade organic matter under the action of light, and can automatically remove dust under the scouring of rain

at present, China's glass curtain wall has exceeded 200million square meters, indicating that self purification glass products have a large sales market. "The glass curtain walls of more than 6000 square meters of the National Grand Theater adopt self purification glass, but they are all imported." Xia Weiwen, director of the technology center of Hehe technology group, said, "the price of this self purification glass is less than 10 yuan from that of ordinary glass, and the price of imported self purification glass is 3 to 5 times that of Hehe self purification glass."

glass ceramics can't be broken even if you drop it

in fact, there are many mysteries in glass, which is widely used in our daily life. "By adding a little new material to the glass, it can bring technological breakthroughs and produce all kinds of multifunctional glass." Song yaxun said

a few days ago, at an exhibition abroad, a novel vegetable pot attracted many people's interest. The salesman beat an egg in the pot and pressed the switch. In less than half a minute, some details of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. will be introduced to you. Rest assured to know our company's experimental machine knowledge clock, and the poached eggs will be fried. Song yaxun said that this is a vegetable pot made of conductive glass. It turns out that the conductive glass is coated with a layer of metal oxide film. When working, the voltage is very low and very safe. If it is used as a window, the cold outside in winter will not come in

now many families like to use glass tableware, but glass is easy to break. What should we do? Song yaxun said that glass ceramics can solve this problem. Glass ceramics is harder than steel, and almost does not expand when heated and shrink when cooled. If you put the glass-ceramic on ice and pour boiling metal solution, the glass-ceramic is still intact. Using it to make bowls and pans, not only can't be broken or broken, but also can withstand high temperature. Using it as a knife can cut iron like mud. Using it as the outer cover of the missile head can withstand the high temperature generated during high-speed flight

microcrystalline glass is now available. It can not only meet the lighting needs, but also has special functions of fire prevention, explosion prevention, heat insulation and sound insulation. " Song yaxun said that this glass-ceramic technology is also used in aerospace fire prevention

the charm of new materials is unstoppable

there are more than these kinds of new glasses. The requirements of life for glass are higher and higher, and more new glasses are waiting to be invented

in winter, many students who wear glasses will be covered with water vapor and can't see things, which is annoying. However, it doesn't matter. Now hydrophobic glass is invented, and water drops on it will form dots like water drops on lotus leaves and flow down quickly. It is planned to spend five years on key special treatment. If the car is equipped with this kind of glass, the wiper can not be used when it rains. With this kind of glass, the periscope on the submarine will not be covered by water marks

song yaxun said that these new technologies and products play a very useful leading role in changing the current situation of low rate of China's glass deep processing industry and serious product homogenization, and will bring great convenience to people's lives

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