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Glass furniture is popular in the market. The "combination of hardness and softness" shows its charm.

the unique charm of glass has made glass furniture one of the indispensable elements of today's fashionable home decoration. Many consumers have found that glass plays a more and more important role in home decoration, because glass changes in color and form, which can not only be used as decoration, but also skillfully play various functions in home decoration

there are more and more glass furniture

nowadays, there are more and more glass furniture available in the market, including dining tables, lamps, cabinets, wine cabinets, etc., while most of the bookcases, sound cabinets, dressing tables, etc. are made of glass, such as particularly eye-catching glass TV racks, dish racks, bar counters and other furniture, which are not only rare glass furniture, Besides, except for the steel support, all materials are made of glass, no longer heavy wood or leather

glass, the most variable element in home decoration

glass, is the most common material. It has a "fragile" soul. People are afraid of "fragile", but it can change both light and shadow. After careful carving by designers, every piece of glass furniture and glass jewelry that can carry out three-way data comparison, curve amplification, reduction, local inspection and other operations has become unforgettable, Firmly release the transparent beauty. In home decoration, choosing and arranging glass furniture reasonably can turn glass into the most changeable element

because if your room is not big enough, you can use glass to expand your vision and greatly improve the room area from the sensory perspective. At the same time, appropriate selection of glass furniture can create an ice like moving beam that automatically stops moving; The feeling makes you refreshing and extremely cool. For example, in interior decoration, due to the need of function, sometimes we need to increase the design of thermal insulation or heat insulation, and glass can play a role at this time. The illumination of light will increase the surface temperature of furniture and indirectly cause loss to furniture. At the same time, the direct light of indoor light is easy to produce glare, which brings discomfort to human eyes. Hide the lamp behind the glass, and use the glass cover with unsmooth surface outside the lamp. The heat insulation function of the glass reduces the impact of the lighting temperature on the furniture. The reflection effect can also effectively soften the indoor light, and the soft light will make the home look more warm

glass furniture "adds luster" to the home.

a good glass jewelry and glass furniture itself is a work of art, which can add personality and fashion sense to the home. When arranging the space, we pay attention to it. If we can make use of the transparent and refractive properties of glass and combine it with the sunlight shining in the room or artificial lights, it will certainly create an elegant space that looks like a dream or a fantasy. The most ingenious thing is that it can make the most plain transparent color evolve into a variety of natural colors such as red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, purple in an instant, making the room full of light colors at all times. Glass tea table is also one of the most common glass furniture. Now the shape is novel, and it is not only round and square, but also crescent shaped, inclined trapezoid and various unknown shapes

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