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European and American glass fibers face competition from natural fibers

natural fiber composites are a topic of strong concern at present. Due to the increasing public awareness of environmental protection and the relatively low cost and low density of these materials, they are becoming increasingly popular. The demand for durable, reliable, lightweight and high mechanical properties materials is driving the increasing application of natural fibers in various industries such as automobile, construction and construction. It is expected that the natural fiber composite market will increase to $531.3 million in 2016, and the compound annual growth rate will reach 11% in the next five years

lucintel company of the United States analyzed and introduced its research findings in its new research report entitled "2011 ~ 2016 natural fiber composite market trend, forecast and opportunity analysis". Lucintel's research shows that the application of natural fiber composites has increased, and its advantages are catching up with and surpassing glass fibers. In particular, natural fiber composites have become the largest private investment project of Russia in China; In 2007, it was listed in the top 500 Chinese enterprises for the first time; In 2016, the core transformation and upgrading of high-precision aluminum project was put into operation, and its application in automobiles drove the growth of the market to make up for the domestic gap. It is expected that until the fifth year of 201: the price is cheap for six years, automobiles will be the largest market for natural fiber composites. At present, several kinds of auto parts are made of natural fiber composites. They generally use polyester or polypropylene as the matrix resin and flax, hemp, kenaf or sisal fibers as the reinforcement. The main driving force for the automotive industry to choose natural fiber composites is price, weight and marketing advantages rather than technical needs. The product range is no longer limited to interior parts and non structural parts such as doors and rear frames

in terms of sales value, it is expected that by 2016, Europe will continue to maintain its mainstream position in the world market (with a share of more than 50%), with North America ranking second and the rest of the world third

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