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Glass fiber reinforced plastic and foam filling process double water bike is cool and fashionable

nowadays, young people in the city are increasingly looking for new ways to play. This is not true. Recently, some water sports have become very popular. According to the introduction of Qiandao Lake Longchuan Bay scenic spot, young people from Hangzhou and Shanghai have come every weekend recently to try their hand at the water park

the two person water bike in this scenic spot is really a selling point. Water bikes have successfully combined bicycles and boats. They use people's customary bicycle driving methods to drive propellers and turn the rudder in the way of bicycle steering. Jingsai has become the world's largest manufacturer. It is easier to learn to change the direction of navigation. The Institute will build a new factory producing PPS (polyphenylene sulfide) composites in the Hungarian production base, so that in the scenic area, even many timid female tourists dare to get on the bus and try their hand

in the waters of Qiandao Lake Longchuan Bay scenic area, two young people from Fuyang are happily pedaling on water bikes. After a few small tests, they can swim on the water with tacit understanding. "This two person water bike, with a high degree of tacit understanding between the two sides, will ride better."

according to the technicians in the scenic spot, the main body of this two person water bike is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic and foam filling process, which has super buoyancy and high safety. The seat design conforms to human mechanics and is adjustable from front to back. What's more, it adopts the world's original circulating paddle propulsion technology, which greatly improves the propulsion efficiency. It is the fastest and most labor-saving water bike in the world at present. It can walk at the speed of kilometers per hour and won't feel tired all day

nowadays, dynamic water sports are very popular with young people in cities. It is reported that in addition to the two person water bicycle project, the scenic spot has also launched many other water entertainment projects, such as water single bicycle, water two wheel battleship, bumper boat, rolling ball, wupeng fishing, scattering fishing, etc., which are rich in content and diverse in forms, and are deeply favored by tourists

the Qiandao Lake Longchuan Bay scenic area, which will launch these dynamic water sports, will be officially unveiled on September 16. It is a tourist resort integrating sightseeing, leisure, experience and nostalgia for the main ingredients in the air. At that time, tourists in Hangzhou will have the opportunity to play such an interesting water sports

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