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Glass sideways volatility, pessimistic market sentiment

glass Futures:

the main January contract of glass opened 1 yuan higher on Tuesday, with strong night market volatility and weak day market volatility. After reaching the requirements, it closed at 842 points, down 1 yuan or 0.5% from the previous trading day. 12%。 Today, the total trading volume of glass decreased to 18. 40000 hands, a decrease of 8. 70000 hands. The total position is 19. 10000 hands, an increase of 10000 over the previous trading day. Today, the main contract was 45% in the outer market and 55% in the inner market, with short sellers taking a clear advantage

glass composite index:

today, China's glass composite index is 852. 68 points, up 0. 30 o'clock; China's glass price index is 842. 16 points, down 0. 31 points; The confidence index of China's glass market is 894. 77 points, down 2. 73 o'clock

spot price:

today's XY glass test bench in major cities in China travel range: 25 × 2 for example, the average price of 5mm such as PDF, MS Word and html is 1135. 70 yuan per ton, up 0. 94 yuan/ton. Prices in major cities were mostly flat, with gains and losses in individual cities. Jinan saw the largest increase of 4. 80 yuan/ton, with the largest decline of 9 in Guangzhou. 60 yuan/ton

technical indicators:

fg1601 contract closed close to the crosshair, and the price fluctuated. The burin middle rail of the daily line is slowly descending, and there are signs of amplification at the entrance of the burin channel. In the moving average system, the 5-day moving average rises slowly. Technically, glass has maintained a volatile trend in the medium and long term. On the 30 minute K-line chart, the opening is near the lower rail of the glass, the horizontal plate is between the lower rail in the night plate, and the horizontal plate is between the lower rail in the day plate. The middle rail keeps going down, and the brin channel port is enlarged. The MACD index value continues to decline below the 0 value of the fast and slow line. Intraday volatility trend


glass fluctuated on Tuesday, with volume decreasing and position increasing. The spot price of fundamental glass continued to rise. Technical glass futures maintain a volatile trend in the medium and long term, and adjust the trend in the short term. Today's glass shock, the market continues to fall, and market sentiment is pessimistic. However, in view of the increased volatility of the market, it is not recommended to chase short. Support level 840, resistance level 847. It is suggested to wait and see

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