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China's glass fiber giants vigorously promote the international layout

core tip: according to the international development concept of "building markets first and then factories" put forward by President Zhang Yuqiang, in addition to setting up sites in Egypt and the United States, China Jushi is also investigating and studying the investment environment and policies in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Eastern Europe and South America

Xinhua news agency, liuyanan

Beijing (/) -- China Jushi Co., Ltd., a glass fiber manufacturer with the largest annual output in the world, said in an interview a few days ago that during the "13th five year plan" period, the internationalization of layout will be the top priority of the company's "four modernizations" strategy to better get close to the market and serve customers

Yang Guoming said that according to the international development concept of "building markets first and then factories" put forward by President Zhang Yuqiang, in addition to setting up sites in Egypt and the United States, China Jushi is also investigating and studying the investment environment and policies in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Eastern Europe and South America

since the beginning of this century, China Jushi has implemented the "going out" strategy and has established mature global marketing networks in more than 10 countries and regions in Asia, America, Africa and Europe. In order to avoid the adverse effects of anti-dumping and countervailing trade barriers in some countries and regions and make full use of overseas resources, China Jushi has started the construction of overseas production lines in recent years. During the 13th Five Year Plan period, China Jushi will adhere to the strategy of high-end products, industrial clusters, international layout and market globalization

the first and second phases of the glass fiber production project built by Jushi in Egypt were put into operation in 2014 and 2016 respectively. After the phase III project currently under construction is put into operation in the third quarter of this year, the total production capacity of glass fiber in China's Jushi Egypt production base will reach 200000 tons, with a total investment of US $600million. It is China's largest manufacturing investment project in Egypt

in December 2016, China Jushi laid the foundation for the 80000 ton/year tank furnace wire drawing production line project in South Carolina with an investment of US $300million, and started construction in the first quarter of this year. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2018

Zhang Yuqiang, President of China Jushi, said, "the leading idea of investing in the United States is to build a research and development center in the United States and introduce leading talents. Another idea is to test whether our company's technical level has the strength to compete with previous benchmark enterprises. This will be a systematic test of the company's core competitiveness, such as efficiency, cost, quality and so on."

Zhang Yuqiang said that the United States is the largest single national market for China's Jushi export business, with an annual export of more than 100000 tons. After the establishment of the factory in the United States, old customers may increase their consumption, and new customers may also appear, so as to expand the market through localized services. According to the production and operation of leading production lines, the possibility of further expansion of scale will not be ruled out in the future

it is understood that China's Jushi American production line is the largest foreign-invested project in Richland County, South Carolina for more than 30 years, which is expected to solve the employment of about 100 people who are often vibrated by about four machines. With the support of the local government, China Jushi has obtained the ownership of 1200 mu of land, and can use the local competitive power and natural gas as well as the existing raw material supply chain

however, China Jushi also began to encounter "growing pains" in the process of promoting its international layout. With the further development and expansion of China's Jushi, especially the expansion and construction of overseas companies, its management radius has not only become the biggest uncertainty of investment, but also needs global management. This brings a series of management problems, such as the increase of management costs, the collision of traditional culture, and the weakening of execution

as nearly half of the products manufactured by Jushi in China are sold overseas, and the scope of sales is still expanding, the international adverse factors faced in this process, especially the fluctuation of the exchange rate of RMB and the country where the overseas factory is located, have a stronger and stronger impact on the company's profits

Yang Guoming said that the problem of talent shortage was widely felt in the process of internationalization. The first solution is to rely on the construction of their own talent team to attract excellent talents for training and training, and more importantly, rely on local talents, which is the fundamental

for investment in countries along the "the Belt and Road", Yang Guoming said that we should focus on market capacity, radiation scope, supply and operating costs of raw materials and energy, as well as the relationship between these countries and China, and do a good job in preventing political and legal risks

in the process of investing in the Egyptian project, China Jushi carried out detailed research and calculation analysis in the early stage. Adhere to law-abiding and trustworthy business, honesty oriented; Adhere to the "localization" operation and complement each other's advantages; Adhere to cultural integration and put people first. When encountering difficulties, China Jushi fully trusts its team and relies on Egypt and the Chinese government at the same time. This is how the China Jushi Egypt project has come about

Yang Guoming said that the production scale of the company will match the overall international environment and the speed of macroeconomic development. After the completion of the Egypt phase III project, the United States project, the Jiujiang base phase II project and the new production capacity of the headquarters manufacturing base, China's Jushi's total non-ferrous metal export average price maximum production capacity in January will continue to remain the world leader during the 13th Five Year Plan period

data show that in 2016, China's output of glass fiber yarn was 3.62 million tons, accounting for about 50% to 60% of the global output, while China's Jushi glass fiber yarn production capacity was about 1.4 million tons, making it the world's largest glass fiber yarn manufacturer

glass fiber is mainly used in the production of composite materials, and is widely used in aerospace, automotive, electronic and electrical, construction, fitness equipment and other fields. Compared with steel, aluminum, wood and other traditional materials, it can bring good assistance to measure the comprehensive quality of the data. 1. When testing the tensile value of a certain data, the maximum pressure of the data at the time when it is about to stretch to the fracture process should be measured. The full life cycle of composite materials will greatly reduce the comprehensive energy consumption. High performance glass fiber is also used in the manufacture of fan blades, oil sucker rods in the oil industry, high-pressure pipelines for fluid transmission, and military fields

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